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About Us

Nisspro is the trailblazer in bringing the affordable consumer electronic products to the global shores equipped with the advanced technology. Nisspro is a specialist in researching, developing and manufacturing Consumer Electronic Products. With a high-tech innovative technical & engineering team, strong, young and energetic overseas sales team and the most advanced production line. Nisspro is fastest growing and has built up long-term and good relationship with customers from various countries all over the world. Nisspro simply touch your satisfaction with our good quality products and services.


Our commitment to reach and serve globally. The masses comes with a vision to provide them with the best and most advanced technology in LED Lights, Mobile handsets, accessories and other electronic products at an affordable price range.


Nisspro  with an in-depth understanding of rapidly changing consumer preferences with the use of advanced technologies and has been able to differentiate itself from the competitors through innovative products, Unique Design and Value for Money.

We understand the Market and hence constantly work and Create into strengthening the product portfolio though R&D. We also do special focus on the products to create and enhance the customer’s overall experience with the device. We have always endeavoured in bringing the quality product with innovation and radical features, enchased with style and finesse. Nisspro products are created and equipped with latest technology and features. We as Nisspro “simply connect” are firm believer of “Best Quality At Best Price” and always work on this mantra to give hands on experience of the latest technology to all our customers. We conduct thorough research on technology before absorbing it in our products. Our in-house team works round the clock to optimize and improve the technology for cost optimization thus transferring the benefits to our customers. Not only this, we focus on our customer’s expectations so much that it reflects in the designing of each of our products.